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April 18, 2023

BBE Welcomes New Hire Rick Sullivan 

BBE would like to give a warm welcome to Rick Sullivan, BBE's newest Project Engineer.

Rick chose to pursue a career in construction because of his natural curiosity and overall interest in the field. Rick's background in Estimating and prior work in construction has provided him with the necessary skills to excel as a Project Engineer. He has several years of experience in various roles within the field of construction and earned his degree in Construction Management in 2022. Rick is a very ambitious and creative individual, and in his short time here has already demonstrated great passion and excitement for the job. 

Fun Facts about Rick:

What do you love about construction:

I love that everything is always different each day. There is no way to be bored when each day brings new surprises or obstacles to tackle. 

First Job:

My very first job was working for Marshalls as a salesman. My most memorable was being a mascot for the Hartford Yardgoats.

Your Hero:

My hero is Gohan from Dragonball Z, a character who believes in protecting his loved ones at all costs but is very gentle in nature. 

Most Useful App: 

It's a tie between Youtube and Google. I'm always researching something I think is cool or just interesting. 

Word to the Wise (advice):

A wise man can only be wise if he first admits his ignorance.

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