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September 21, 2022

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BBE is pleased to announce that it has rebranded, introducing a new visual identity that marks another major milestone in the firm’s 101-year history. BBE’s rebranding achieves a more contemporary image that better aligns with our clients, staff and our construction work. The new visual identity re-articulates the company’s positioning and better represents its steady, 101-year growth to one of the most successful construction firms in Connecticut. 

“As BBE continues to grow and adapt to meet our clients’ and communities’ ever-evolving needs, our new visual identity better presents BBE as modern and evolving, and embodies our team’s renewed sense of purpose, energy, and forward-thinking mentality,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Panczner. 

This forward-thinking growth is captured in the brand’s visual expression: the bright and modern fonts, colors, and shapes communicate our approach to building resilient, beautiful spaces and places where we live, work and play.

To help determine the new visual identity, BBE enlisted industry contacts to lend their opinions on how they perceived the firm. Several in-house staff served on an advisory board to define a brand personality that best represented BBE and to refine logo ideas. The decisions were a direct reflection of those conversations. We established a unifying vision to create a modern interpretation of the logo to illustrate that BBE is continuously evolving and improving to better serve our clients. 

“The rebrand was a deliberate and thoughtful exercise that was the result of client and employee feedback,” said Gerry Holland, Vice President of Estimating and Marketing. “We are excited by how it all came together and are incredibly grateful that we have such engaged industry partners. The outcome reinforces our internal direction that honors our legacy and rich past while reflecting who we are today as a company.” 

BBE is focused on being a construction management and general contracting company that embraces change, invests in innovation, and seeks out new challenges while delivering the top-tier, white glove customer service we are known for. Our new brand has been designed to represent BBE’s continued commitment to building successful relationships and the exceptional delivery of construction management services. 

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