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September 8, 2023

AOF Elephant Dorm.png

BBE Completes Residence Hall Renovations for Avon Old Farms School

Avon, CT - BBE recently completed renovations to Elephant Dormitory, a three-story residence hall at Avon Old Farms School. The all-boys school's beautiful sprawling campus features historic Tudor-style period buildings made of red sandstone and oak timbers. Windows of all shapes and sizes, sloping and slightly crooked roof lines, and heavy wooden doors made technical upgrades challenging. 

As Construction Manager for a multi-year, campus-wide dormitory improvement program, BBE has been providing in-depth preconstruction planning each fall through spring to set the stage for the fast-track, 12-week summer construction schedule. For the Elephant Dormitory, BBE performed code upgrades and renovated the dorm rooms, bathrooms, and first-floor classrooms. 


Completed on schedule and in time for students' return to campus, the dorm still retains the "Old Farms" feel, but gives students more space in their rooms. BBE took great care of mitigating disruption to the school's activities and neighboring faculty apartments.

This was BBE's second dormitory renovation project with Avon Old Farms. 

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